Pawan Arora
Saffron, Crocus Sativus, Kesar

As per my best knowledge & observations although I’m not a gourmet cook to specifically judge saffron. I’ll give my comments.
First of all, it feels that you’ve bought the best natural kesar. The aroma is strong and points to the freshness of the product. The Saffron Threads are long and just a pinch transformed my dish to which I added. Omna Organic Saffron is worth the price

High quality Premium Saffron

I know several benefits of Saffron and did a lot of research before buying this kesar, specially during covid19 as saffron boost immunity. I was lucky to buy just before the lockdown.
This saffron is high quality premium saffron and at a great price. It looks fresh and properly dried. Taste was beyond what i expected. A++ all around, will always order the same brand. My best wishes for the future.

Amit Kapoor
Best Quality Saffron

The Packaging color of the Omna Organic Saffron is Awesome. The Quality of Saffron Threads is great. Aroma and Flavour are of a very high-class Original Saffron, Smell just spreads as you open the pack. I am very much happy with my purchase. Its a big thing in India that Company like yours is selling Original Kashmiri Saffron at a reasonable price which other brands and not. Definitely Recommended

Best Original saffron in India

This is ultimate Kashmiri Saffron, The packing was extremely good, made chicken dish and used this Kesar. The Aroma & Color was amazing, Taste was finger licking almost like you just want to taste it again & again because of the flavor it added to the chicken. Everyone must try this Saffron. Best purchase ever.

Saurabh Singh
Good quality saffron at reasonable price

I wanted to purchase saffron but wasn’t able to buy it due to lockdown. Then one day I saw a few product available. However, there was a huge price difference.
I purchased this purely on the basis of a good description and a handful of positive reviews. Plus the price was very reasonable so it was worth trying out. It turned out to be good, the scent and flavor are good and they add a nice touch to Biryani/ desserts. I recommend others to buy without any doubt.

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